Bi-Monthly Report on ENGT for Feb / Mar of 2018-19

Bi-Monthly Report on ENGT for Feb / Mar of 2018-19

Bi-Monthly Report on ENGT for Feb / Mar of 2018-19 (by EGT International, Cayman Exempt Co.)

Hello! We want to update you on the latest news for February / March:

  • Strategic Partnerships

    EGT International is happy to announce that three partners have signed up to use Engagement Tokens in their business. Our goal is to expand that list and have new many new ventures join the ecosystem. In 2019 we want to be able to significantly expand the footprint of the token and ramp up its usage.

    We are seeing an increasing volume of Engagement Token transactions on our partner SolidOpinion’s discussion platform. Transposing this experience to the new companies still in the startup stage will yield benefits when these businesses will hit their stride. Getting them with Engagement Platform early means that their business model will have token deep in their DNA and position us for success.

    New companies joining Engagement Token:

    Squawk-It is a rebranded and reimagined discussion platform. Squawk-It will use redesigned SolidOpinion technology running on existing publishers with Engagement Platform. Squawk will focus on an important link between the publisher’s content creators and its audience via tool sets that allow a journalist to monitor and respond to questions, suggestions, and criticism. It is a bolder and newer vision of how a discussion should happen around content.

    Simplified and streamlined Squawk-It will engage users and reward productive discussions with Engagement Tokens. is grassroots awareness building AI agent for online brands. listens to all the conversations on the Internet. If Engy sees a relevant discussion about the customer’s brand or content that is related to the brand, Engy will participate in discussion, in the forums, comments or in social media. It will answer questions about the brand and suggest further action. Engy host landing pages for brands where users can ask questions about the product. It is a mix between an advanced AI chatbot ad content creation service and a host of human agents, experts on the customer’s brand.

    Engy will use Engagement Platform and Engagement Tokens to recruit and incentivize human agents to work on behalf of the brand. is an AI-powered shopping assistant. Genie will listen to customer’s requests and within three to five leading question it will provide three best deals that match customer’s needs exactly. The deals will be sourced from multiple marketplaces. In addition to the AI component, Genie will also employ human salespeople that will join Genie channel for the customer session and answer sophisticated questions about the merchandise.

    Genie will use Engagement Tokens to incentivize the human sales assistant in Genie process.

    We will keep you updated on the progress our partners are making and look for new opportunities to create new partnerships.

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