Bi-weekly report, july 19th 2018

Bi-weekly report, july 19th 2018

Hello and welcome to our 2nd bi-weekly report. We will give a brief outline of significant events that transpired in the Engagement Token world in the last two weeks.

  • EGT to ENGT Renaming

    As you know from the previous report we were hit with a major inconvenience of having our token short name EGT clash with Egretia token. This has led to unfortunate side effect of our token not passing the muster to be listed on exchanges or coin market cap. We have decided to change our short name to ENGT and notify all crypto powers that be. Specifically EtherScan and CoinMarketCap as well as exchanges where the token has been listed already.

    Finally this started to pay off. We got our very own CoinMarketCap listing. While it still has some information incorrect it is a first step:

    Typical CMC gets the details of the listing correct within a few weeks of listing.

    EtherScan is still registering out token as EGT:

    And we are working with them to try to add ENGT as a search string for us.

  • New exchanges

    Now that we are on CMC and listed as ENGT some of the hurdles have been removed.

    Our community is working hard. Expect good news soon.  

  • ENGT buying video

    Our team has created a video brief on how the advertisers will purchase ENGTs and later spend them on native ad units. You can see it here:

    This is a first iteration of advertiser portal and a lot of work is still ahead. The immediate changes that are coming are:

    • Removing Engagements intermediary step and moving directly to fractional ENGTs in the portal and across all platforms
    • Improving reporting interface
    • Adding bulk buying support
    • Moving the ad unit from winner takes all to fractional view schema
    • Reworking promoted headline unit to have and image and header text

    We are also working on securing advertiser tests with our partners. A key component of the program success is advertiser awareness of this new ability to purchase ads.

  • Meeting our partner Spil Games

    Our team made a trip to Amsterdam to meet our partner Spil Games — one of the worlds largest gaming platforms. We are powering the social element of Spil Games and want to do more with them. The new avenues we looked at were ENGT powered game experiences. We are actively looking into trying out this concept in the near future.

    We also had a chance to visit an affiliate summit in Amsterdam to generate partnerships for EGT International.

  • New Publishing partners

    Our business development team is working hard on finding new partnership opportunities. Surprisingly a lot traditional publishers see potential in cryptocurrency and ENGT. We are going to announce new partnerships soon.

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