EngagementToken (ENGT) AMA

EngagementToken (ENGT) AMA

We shall start the AMA and we got tons of good questions accumulated and I’m going to go and address them one by one in order. And let us start. And then after I address the accumulated questions feel free to add others and I’ll be happy to answer. Let’s run this, you know, for about 30 minutes / 45 minutes, as long as I can answer most of the questions, we should consider this a success. First thing first, let me dig out the question list and proceed. I’m just gonna start answering the questions in no particular order. There is, maybe, two dozen questions and some of them will overlap and if the context overlaps I’m just going to repeat what I said before. Here we go without further ado.

Question #1: Are you considering buybacks?

Answer: Well, per our whitepaper and per previous explanations we will only do buybacks in case we have a large advertiser wanting to purchase a quantity of Engagement tokens on our platform and for some reason exchanges not supplying this liquidity. Given the state of the market right now I highly doubt it’s going to happen within the near term. Maybe, in a year the situation like this can arise, but, you know, it’s possible.

Question #2: What are the daily activities of the biz dev team, sales team and CEO to acquire new forums and publishers?

Answer: It’s pretty routine: we have several stand-ups, these are weekly meetings, where first we have a technical get-together, where all the heads of technical departments report on their progress and then we have a sales meeting, where along with technical heads we also have sales people present and report on their progress. It’s a really good way to sync up the activities. Our sales team is actually out there daily plugging in their lead list, doing cold calling and trying to convert publishers. The difference with us is we are trying to really attack the higher end of the spectrum, so if you think of publisher distribution, as publishers that have a longtail, tons of small ones, who don’t have a lot of audience or impressions and then a few whales right so most of the meaningful traffic on the Internet is concentrated on these whales. We have snagged a few of these deals right as you know Tribune publishing is our investor and we are on some of their properties. Also, we were able to secure Hearst Newspapers late spring as one of our publishers. We are working on some more deals and actually some of these pubs are actually in testing right now. Some of them are in integration and, hopefully, some of them are going to actualize later. However but, I it’s a very difficult world, traditional publishing model is dying and all of these guys and by these guys I mean big publishers are only after revenue. Good news is they’re now finally starting to look at various innovative ways to generate that revenue, so they’re looking at tokenization potentially, are looking at the cryptocurrency and looking for these new ways to extract more revenue from the users. And we come in and we provide our proposals, so the daily activities for these dev team and
sales team are pretty regular: cold-calling, follow-ups, leads, meetings, whatnot.

Question #3: Since August 15 to date around 2 million tokens (the exact figure is given) have been moved from the main ENGT address. Can the company explain where they have gone and what they’re being used for?

Answer: It’s very simple. We did our KYC AML process with a third party vendor and significant chunk maybe 10% of the people just never followed up and they keep rolling in and as these documents keep rolling in, we keep raising the tokens, so this is just an unfolding of the token sale process. We still have about 5% of the people who never sent in their KYC AML documents, but we expect to wrap it up. So these tokens actually went that purpose, they went
to the contributors.

Question #4: When will ENGT be updated on Coinmarketcap?

Answer: Good question. We keep begging Coinmarketcap to properly update our token evaluation literally weekly, and so far getting cold shoulder. Even after we got exchange listings finally, it took us weeks to get them to list the token, and this is just Coinmarketcap, I guess, they have a lot on their plate, but we are pinging them weekly and so far no immediate response, but eventually, they’re gonna update it, because I heard from reliable sources that eventually it happens.

Question #5: We have seen ENGT dropped 97%, since ICO, is it going to be any solution for investors, who lost all of their investment?
Answer: Guys, look at token stats, the market is horrible right now, I mean, literally look into our cohort and into other token sales, and the market is deleveraging, people are running away from crypto and the tokens, and there is nothing can be done. I mean, this is very difficult to fight the tide, the only way forward is for us to stay the course as outlined in our whitepaper and get more actual usage on the token, and get more business partners develop the business, and in a year or two climb up out of that hole and be a great reliable company. Also, I want to remind you that it’s not investors, who have purchased tokens, but our contributors, so it’s not an investment, it’s a contribution with an idea that, that exchange medium that has been purchased is going to create an economy and then people can participate in that economy.

Question #6: There was a scam ICO called Benebit – ringing a bell? So CEO of ENGT offered a double of tokens pre-sale to those that were benebited. It is my belief that he didn’t do it to help the crypto community, as initially claimed, but because there was no demand for ENGT, and the only way for the ICO to make money was to provide 2x Tokens as an incentive. What do you have to say to that?

Answer: Well it’s a classic loaded question. Clearly, the person asking it made up their opinion because they are answering the question itself, it’s hard to debate that. I did indeed offer that bonus to the group that helped us do the raise, because we were immediately preceding the Benebit allocation and it would look extremely bad for the guys if that didn’t result well. We were actually very instrumental in helping to locate the perpetrators and bring the money back. So it was purely an altruistic feeling for the community. This person seems to think otherwise. I’m not gonna argue. We sincerely hope they validate our project and go on their merry way.

Question #7: Where is the cash going towards mostly?

Answer: Cash right now is going toward structuring new partnerships. We are actively looking to find a strategic partner for whom we can really leverage the value of ENGT as a reward token for activity on the Internet, these are either online publishers or companies, which want to utilize engagement on the web. We are working on a few very interesting deals for that. It’s going toward business development and also we are entertaining the ideas of, as a part of growing our business, creating landing platforms and usage platforms for ENGT.

Question #8: Have you already or you ever been going to sell ENGT OTC to your institutional clients?

Answer: That depends. If institutional clients are funds that are willing to invest into the token opportunity, we will likely not do that, because we reserve the ENGTs to our business partners and the idea is to release them only as the infrastructure grows. And more of the token liquidity is required to bring business out. As far as selling ENGTs to advertisers, we might do that in a very unlikely case, when the capacity of the exchanges will be exhausted, and as I said already, it’s extremely unlikely in the near term.

Question #9: What is your current user base? Will all of the existing clients be shifted to crypto?

Answer: Our current user base is about four million users, maybe a little more than that, and these are users that have accounts on our Engagement Platform. Now they already shifted to crypto, so instead of points, which were Solidopinion points, all of these guys have ENGTs. If you go to LA Times right now in the commenting section you will have our ENGTs instead of points. Now this is not a crypto-savvy user base. Our goal right now would be to try to enfranchise them into the crypto universe, into ENGTs usage portal, and get them going in that economy. There is a strategy to do that right now, because of the extreme downmarket and crypto is just collapsing it might not be the best time to create an educational outreach for them. Plus, it’s also important for us to have full collaboration with the partner who is running specific publishing platforms, for example, we would need LA Times fully collaborate with us in a story and again, since crypto is crashing we gotta just take a very measured approach to that.

Question #10: If I understood correctly, we don’t actually need an active user base in here for the token to thrive, correct? It all boils down to the adoption from companies so that’s the case what of the first bigger customers of yours going to purchase Engagement tokens and what does the process look like? Are they buying from exchanges or you do that for them?

Answer: We actually don’t need any kind of social activity on our Twitter, Facebook, Telegram and whatnot for the business to thrive. It boils down to basically rotation of Engagement token within our ecosystem. And the moment we have a significant demand for tokens from the real world this is where these tokens would need to be purchased from exchanges and, obviously, this is gonna impact the price, and then these tokens are gonna get exhausted, real income is gonna be generated and that real income will again go to the exchange to buy Engagement tokens. We are really not playing up our token to speculators and, I gotta be frank, I am and was also an ICO-investor or contributor and I know the game pretty well. I know in China – guys, of course, you’re aware of this –  there are funds upon funds, people don’t sleep, they’re literally sleeping in those cubicles and working there 24/7 and they’re playing against you on every single token, there are funds that are playing against people, so they’re professionals in this. I am, for instance, not in my ICO-contributor days and it’s useless to play these games. All we need to do is grow our business and execute the plan.

Question #11: When will the first big customer purchase tokens?

Answer: We are working on some very interesting partnerships and as we will mature we will update everybody in our monthly report. But we expect that this should happen within the next six months. We are staying true to our plan, building up the properties, building up the partnership links, and we gotta see if everything is all right within that time frame. As for the first larger buyers – yeah, they’re gonna be buying from exchanges. In case they are not crypto savvy we might execute an exchange buy for them or we will recommend a third party for them to do it, but initial exchange and then if exchange is exhausted we might do OTC, but again not likely that this will happen.

Question #12: What are the next steps regarding development and business expansion?

Answer: Very good question. So, what are we doing? We’re running our platform on LA Times, Hearst and some other properties and, what we’re seeing is that our initial bet – promoted comments and promoted headlines that would generate advertiser interest and would perform well – is not quite working out, we are not seeing that level of advertiser engagement, they are really trying to go after, some of these buys, and then the units themselves are not really performing well above banners. We gotta rich the range a little bit and think what we should do next. Currently there are a couple of ideas. There are these big publishers, who are really hunting for revenue, and tokenizing and creating the reward schemes based on Engagement tokens just might be the thing. We have addressed a few executives in the industry and it seems that there is a way to go forward with this. And it could be either in the form of a large recognized publisher issuing their own token, which will be backed by Engagement token, or them using Engagement tokens directly in customer reward schemes, and then creating CPA-advertising kind of mechanics for people to spend their Engagement tokens and redeem that for your cash. So it’s a little bit involved and complicated, but we are trying to innovate around these concepts of Engagement token being useful in real economy, so expect to see some nice solutions real soon.

Again broadly speaking, staying the course, get trying to get more publishers to deploy our Engagement platform, but at the same time trying to see if we can help these publishers and new publishers use Engagement tokens to dive deeper into the monetization of their existing audience, because for example, right now a typical web publisher, even a large one, will mostly use Google and programmatic ad-schemes for monetization and that only has a certain revenue per user, maybe, ten cents per user and a lifetime user value of a dollar. Well, how can we bring Engagement token into the picture for them and have users of Engagement tokens, view videos and do kind of advertising-based quests for them, so that the user value for them climbs from that dollar to $2, $3 or  $4 – and this is what needs to happen for them to succeed and for us as well to find a way to help these businesses.

Question #13: The debacle surrounding an exchange listing is embarrassing to me, as an investor. What are the plans to encourage adoption and rebuild over the brand and the platform?

Answer: Thank you that you are taking our embarrassment so personally. It was a debacle we were supposed to unlock, literally list on the same day as we have unlocked the token, but as you know, in crypto world these are all agreements, and sometimes other parties don’t honor the agreements and that actually causes harm. We had some of our large token holders promising other listings and actually they were very reliable in the past with other token sales, but in our case unforeseen circumstances happened and, you know, they basically reneged on their promise, and we had to take a long road forward and waste a bunch of time, more than a month to be listed on a good exchange, which is regrettable, but this is crypto, things happen and we were eventually listed.

So, what are the plans to encourage adoption and rebuild of the brand and the platform? So, there is nothing to rebuild, there might be a short term fud about us not listing in the crypto community, but crypto communities are not really our focus, and our brand is not centered in that, right now our brand needs to perform well for our clients, and then utilize crypto as the method in our business and as far as encouraging adoption, I think we have answered that before.

Question #14: Where do you see ENGT in two, five and ten years?

Answer: Well, it’s a very easy kind of thing to project. In the most naive term we have already a couple of encouraging examples, for example, Steam took about two and a half years to incubate and they’re doing quite nicely. It’s a small community, but that small community has real people and real token transacting in value, and they’re doing pretty well. So in two years we should be at least at the level of Steam, so this is our goal to become the next de-facto standard for rewarding people online for engagement and for interaction. Similarly to Basic Attention token in two years we should be peers or doing better than BAT( Basic Attention token) or Steam, and in five years I really think, that we would ideally be an ecosystem, where anybody can plug in and the real engagement on the web can be measured through us, and we would be distributed and pretty ubiquitous, and the true value of that engagement and personalities online would be basically balanced and gauged by crypto market, and we would enable large percentage of these communities around content (well, classic web publishers, I think, will die, but these communities around content will emerge) and we would be driving them. And in ten years, oh my god, it takes too long in our current circumstances, but I’d really like to see us transform the way that online content is consumed and create a participatory and engaged modality of users consuming the news, where everybody earns Engagement tokens, everybody spends Engagement tokens, similarly, it is kind of an automatic process, where every single interaction in the web that you have will score with certain value of Engagement tokens, and then something you put in something you take out, and people get a reward, as other entities, companies, content creators with Engagement tokens, and it becomes a de-facto thing, that has won.

Question #15: We want transparency. What is the plan for the following one month / three months / six months / ten months / twelve months? Spare no details.

Answer: Well, we are giving monthly reports right now, bi-weekly is a little short term, because a typical business lead iteration time is about a month or longer for us, and even if we talk about technology the average scrum sprint for us is also about two weeks, so there’s really not much news that can be accumulated in a bi-weekly format, so we switched to a monthly format, and then we’ll update the community once a month about our progress, our plans, our goals. And that could be viewed on our social media channels and on our blogs, and on the site. A goal for three months, six months, ten months and twelve month – we will not be doing these more granular updates for the reason again, that they distract us and they’re more confusing than useful to the community. We can outline the broad direction and then give monthly reports, so we can check our flow following the broad direction, but the situation is very fluid, if I try to predict six months or ten months, or twelve months in advance, and then be held to execution in that schedule and this, you know, can literally move the company or the team into suboptimal tactical moves, that bind us to certain agreements or predictions, when situation has completely changed, so it is just not practical in our situation.

Question #16: I want to know, how you have prepared and protected the crypto during the TGE as the current market sentiment is changing. What have you done to mitigate the losses?

Answer: Well, we have done this smart thing, obviously, we have used cold wallets, we have third parties with regimented access to the wallets, so that none of the team has access for security reasons – it’s all properly maintained. And we also have diversified into cash, not as much as, probably, was necessary, but we also think that we need a certain amount of crypto to function. So also, given the modest size of our raise and the crypto fall, obviously, you know, we have done all the right things, but nobody could have predicted collapse of it to that degree. I think, we have also done the right split between crypto and cash to mitigate the losses, so we are doing great. We have several years of operational cash in crypto to execute our plan, so I think we’ve done the right thing.

Question #17: What are you doing to encourage and promote engagement within your social media accounts?

Answer: We are not doing much, because we don’t think it’s gonna help us. More crypto speculators in the channel with Lambos and whatnot especially in this horrible market, you know, while the token moving up and down, I don’t think it’s worth spending cash or creating extra hype. What we want to do is to get genuine community advocates in and help them help us execute our plan and, maybe, provide some rewards for them, but looking for them, there are some genuine folk like that, currently because of the flood in the markets and the way the crypto community works, it’s gonna be difficult to isolate those individuals but I think we’re gonna start slowly taking meaningful steps to reward some of the better community members who help us realize our vision.

Question #18: This community sides and the funds raised have always been a concern to me, who and where are the users of this platform?

Answer: It’s not really elaborated what exactly the concern is, and I guess it could have been asked as a follow-up question to clarify how exactly it is a concern, so concern being concern and I can’t really answer that. And who and where are the users of this platform – the users of this platform currently are all the people within our publishing Engagement platform: Spill Games, LA Times, San Diego Union Tribune, SFGate and other publishers, these are not crypto savvy people they’re using engagement tokens through buying some, but not in the volumes that we want but they’re doing that and they’re transacting, so they are not crypto savvy as I said but we have a definite strategy on raising ENGT in their mind. It’s a business process and it will unroll within the next few quarters. We also have some innovative ideas on some of the properties that we want to build up to really control user base directly and we have some innovative ideas on how to engage those passive users that we already have using Engagement platform to active users within our properties.

Question #19: You promised bi-weekly reports and they are never on time. Do you think monthly reports will be on time?

Answer: We’re very busy, sometimes we miss our bi-weekly dates for a few days which, I think, is no great harm, nothing meaningful will happen in two-week interval and as we switch to month reports we’ll get them within a week of the allotted date, that I can promise you. But you know if we missed it, we missed it for a very good reason – we are working, but as soon as something amazing and immediate happens that everybody needs to know about, we’ll post it in our Telegram channel or our social media outside of month report.

Question #20: I really want to contribute to the post-ICO brand awareness, truly want to stand behind this project, cover the current status of the team and their lack of transparent work has been downright depressed. Why would anyone want to participate, contribute and promote this platform?

Answer: Thank you for wanting to help. Let’s answer this first of all: “the current status of the team and their lack of transparent work” – well, transparent work involves a lot of distraction, for example, if we would give you a minute-by-minute updates from the team and really spam the channels with meaningless information which doesn’t result in something that you can actually touch or feel which is important to business, it would be way more detrimental than if you would give reasonably paced reports which would show substance. So I think, we are doing enough measurable transparency to find this golden middle, where we are not excessively communicative and also not completely silent.
“Why would anyone want to participate, contribute and promote this platform” – well good question. Some people would do it, because they like the whitepaper the concept, others wanted to opportunistically benefit in token sale speculations, I guess, most of that community, and for a host of reasons. We are also working on some very interesting initiatives that might actually benefit people who will help us promote it, specifically our token holders who participated in the token sale.

Question #21: Do the team members of ENGT consider project and TGE a success story? If yes, please, tell me why you believe so?

Answer: Well, it’s an okay story, it’s not a complete horror, but it’s not a success that we had in mind and there are many reasons for this not going exactly as we wanted, but the largest reason was immediate crypto crash. You know, the horrible crypto collapse that happened right when our token sale, private presale was gathering Steam. We got quite a good start, an exceptional start and then crypto crash prompted all the major commitments that we had on paper and verbally from extremely reliable teams just to go out of the window, because they were covering their bases, everywhere else trying to survive, so we just moved into a very bad timing. So inside 2020 we knew that our strategy, probably, would be different, but at the same time it’s a success, we have executed the plan, we have tokenized, we have converted our technology which is no mean feat with all of those users and we have something new to offer the market and we have enough resources to realize our vision. I think this is a success. I mean, the raise in itself is meaningless unless you execute. Let’s say we raised hundred times more money, but our execution capacity will still stay the same – as far as vision is concerned, so it was important for us to raise enough to execute the vision and I think, we succeeded in that so that’s the end of that.

Question #22: What does a day look like to the team and describe the work environment?

Answer: We are a distributed team, we are all over the globe with the United States and Europe working together, so everybody works in their own pace. We have technical teams, we have business teams and we have offices in the United States in Irvine, New York, in Europe and basically we connect via Skype, Telegram, Google Hangouts and also do on-side visits periodically, so it is a typical tech company work day with stand-ups and scrum meetings. The only exception being that, you know, it’s the distributed team, so most of it happens in cyberspace.

Question #23: Are there any meetups, planned tours and/or attending events?

Answer: Well, not in the nearest future. Our feeling is that we have to focus on business and really get the token economy going through that, getting customers, clients and real traction.

Question #24: What kind of events you’re going to attend?

Answer: Well, I stand corrected, we actually plan a few industry events, which are specific events to online publishing and advertising universe, not so much crypto, because we feel that crypto for us is a tool, it’s not an end in itself, attending some crypto conferences in Asia and generating pumps or with suffering subsequent dumps is not really the way to go for us. All of our efforts should be toward development of our business and our technology. So we are actually planning to participate in topical conferences on publishing and advertising sides, side of the Internet industry.

Question #25: With whom do you relate, Constantine? What I mean is, is there anyone in tech business, finance world you look up to?

Answer: You know, I’m fascinated by some people, obviously Elon, Jeff, typical, you know, over techie, because that’s my education applied mathematics and, you know, computer science, I was a pretty good engineer back in the day, but again I am not really following or trying to emulate them, because everybody has their own circumstances and their story and I generally don’t believe in trying to copycat people.

Question #26: If you could turn back time and restart your TGE ICO, would you do anything differently? If yes, what and how come?

Answer: Yeah, obviously, we know that crypto crash happened and all of those commitments that were supposed to go into our private sale and later into public sale did not materialize and if we knew that, we would obviously not waste as much time trying to do the public sale. The immediate different thing I would do is that I would do the token generation event right after the pre-sale and completely eliminate the public sale. And not waste time during that time period where we didn’t really accomplish a lot, because of the crypto crash, and get right to work. I also would restate some of the deals that we were planning to do with our publishers and our adopters of the platform, because of the size of the commitments that we have, they did not materialize. We were playing a bit of a high roller game, we were really committing to some major strategies as far as adoption, and publisher, and business acquisition on very grand scale and since that didn’t materialize I think we should have rolled back into a more
conservative mode and entrenched for a longer term game immediately after a crypto crush started manifesting its ugly head. And of course, we would also handle community expectations a little bit better, but that comes with experience.

Question #27: I am new to blockchain in general and would really like a perspective on your thoughts on ETMs being accepted or not? Also how does this affect the future of blockchain ingenuity?

Answer: This is macro stuff right, I am not a macro specialist, but I did work in finance for a while, so I can say that the more instruments there are and the easier our retail money can flow into the crypto the better it is, the more players are there. Also some institutions might come in and ETMs are the best way to do it and ETMs will really help. Would they immediately elevate the crisis of trust in crypto which is happening right now and money leaving the crypto universe? – I don’t know, likely not in the short term. I think crypto winter will last maybe for a year or two as more deleveraging happens, but ETMs will help. I also think crypto is here to stay and eventually if they’re going to be here and that’s going to help, obviously, you know, the whole ecosystem including ENGTs. If ETMs could be somehow being bundled into Ether-based coins, we could potentially have even that money flow into the token portfolios.

Question #28: Are there any plans to grow and/or reduce the size of ENGT team? Are there any plans for expansion, perhaps, also in the other parts of the world?

Answer: Immediately we have all the personnel we need to execute our short-term plan but if things as revenue starts rolling in we, probably, would need to expand and that would be tactically dictated by the circumstances. We expect for the next six to eight months to stay put in execute.

Constantine: Let me just give a little update on some of the initiatives, that we might want to do and leave it at that, we can, probably, close this session and move on. We’d be doing, probably, this AMA hangout type of Q&A think quarterly, so once a quarter and, probably, should do a tradition out of it.

Okay so, a little bit of a report on our immediate thinking of some of the initiatives that might move the needle for Engagement token, and as I said, we were thinking of developing a few destinations, where we would actually control the users ourselves. These are going to be destinations owned by ENGT International, also powered up by Solidopinion technology. And these destinations would instead of us being an intermediary between publisher and advertiser or an appendage to a publisher site, we build us into a partnership proper, where people would come to our destinations and then use Engagement tokens, and transact Engagement tokens to get either a greater share of voice or participate in various quests, or view advertising and whatnot. So this comes with the whole idea of owning the user sessions. Whoever owns the user session makes most money on the internet, and we really want to build up a few properties as a part of ENGT International, and Engagement token will take advantage of that. Our first property is going to be Engy.io, which is going to be a news portal, that’s gonna utilize SolidOpinion CommentsRadar technology and it’s going to be centered around conversations about the news. So imagine going into Google News and
seeing all the headlines, but then what are people’s reactions, what is the conversation around the headlines. Engy.io is going to be a convenient way to come in and see that, and then participate in these discussions, no matter where they’re happening, either on Engy.io directly or on other publishers. So it’s kind of the gossip effect. And Engy.io also is going to feature an ability to create your own “Engy”, where you’ll be able to create a short blog that people would discuss, kind of like Medium, but also emphasizing the responses to your entry. And then this is gonna end up in Engy.io news tape and, obviously, is gonna be wrapped around the Engagement token ecosystem where people would be able to promote their Engy listing in the overall newsfeed by spending Engagement tokens. People would earn Engagement tokens for coming and participating, and interacting with Engy, and then last but not least, people would have very real rewards, because what we are going to do with Engy and subsequent iterations of Engagement token platform is an easy ability to liquidate ENGTs into cash via PayPal or into crypto and whatnot. So whenever you earn your ENGTs on Engy you’d be able to immediately transfer them out of the blockchain, sell them, receive a reward, we’re actually partnering up with a licenced payment processor doing this liquidation, so we plan to have a real going live economy. And the thing is that the concept is interesting enough and compelling enough, where we can build quite a big base for Engy.io and have this property performing nicely for us. Engy is in its final design stages, I believe we will start development end of September and in a few months will start driving users to Engy and have it live. Last but not least, very interesting concept, we were just talking to the lawyers, apparently, since Engagement tokens are already out, you might be able to invest Engagement tokens into projects, so we’re actually thinking of, maybe, spinning out Engy as a separate entity also on Caymans owned by Engagement token, and then have a certain part of Engy be investable into with Engagement tokens. That obviously, you know, pretty good raise to our token holders, so that they can participate in owning these new platforms that Engagement tokens are gonna roll out. Of course, there is a tricky thing with a utility definition of the token and we’re working with lawyers to exactly figure out the way to do it, so it doesn’t run contrary to the legislation. But, you know, we’re thinking and there are some very intriguing possibilities that are there possible, so stay tuned for those things. We’re also looking for potential strategic partnerships with big businesses that want to tokenize their economies, so if some of them materialize is going to be very very interesting for everybody, where Engagement token will just explode overnight if we find the right strategic partner with a proper business flow that we can tokenize.

And finally, there are also a couple of other initiatives that we have in mind, which we can execute reasonably well, as far as properties. There are some gambling trainers, some games, some other interactive experiences that we can support. And stay tuned, this is gonna get really interesting, because I think we really went to something with this tokenization of user engagement online and with crypto markets helping us set the correct prices for these engagements. So with that I wanna end our session. Thank you! I believe the session was recorded, so we’re gonna post it on our social media and you can always reference it for answers to the questions. Thank you so much everybody!

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