Engagement Token Featured as Influencer at Blockchain Summit

Engagement Token Featured as Influencer at Blockchain Summit

11/7/17 Washington, DC

Engagement Token team was a keynote speaker at the Nov 6-7 FintechWorld conference in Washington DC, which addressed the future of cryptocurrency and touched upon such issues such as regulation and compliance, how blockchain is changing the banking industry, how to prepare for ETF cryptocurrency market and more.

ENGT team brought their vast experience to a frank assessment of the current fintech landscape, analyzing where blockchain fits in and what it means. We shared our belief that blockchain will do to the financial sector what the internet did to media. Digital payments, financial platforms, crowdfunding, personal finance management will all undergo a revolution – one that fosters entrepreneurship. We spoke about the exciting number of new companies that are emerging and offered both tips and caveats for entrepreneurs, regulators and investors. Reminding all to value such trusted metrics as milestones, advisory committees and oversight. Urging them to make sure that they are not just monetizing an idea, and nothing more. We also spoke about Engagement Token as an example of a company that has practical utility value and is currently in use, as well as a robust SolidOpinion platform that is already built.

We spoke about SolidOpinion as an example of a company that was initially financed over several years, little by little, hitting important milestones and proving itself – a company that offers not just an idea but a complex technology that is already being used by an impressive roster of clients.

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