Monthly Report on ENGT for October of 2018

Monthly Report on ENGT for October of 2018

Monthly Report on ENGT for October of 2018 (by EGT International, Cayman Exempt Co.)

Hello and welcome to our monthly report. Here is the news for October:

Over the course of testing our PromotedComments and PromotedHeadline strategy with another partner, it became apparent that we would need to change the approach. Both units were not performing great for advertisers and thus generating very little advertising demand. Without advertisers, there is no influx of fiat into ENGT economy. It is clear now that to be successful ENGT needs to be plugged into an existing source of advertising demand.

In order to pivot our strategy, we will need a closed loop business cycle with ENGT in the center.

ENGT will attack this problem in four ways:

  • 1) We will be onboarding the new partners that will feature regular ad units and MAUI version of our engagement platform. Traditional ad unit will generate the revenue which will be spent on purchasing ENGTs on the market in order to distribute them to the users who earned them interacting with publishers content.
  • 2) We are building up our own closed-loop user acquisition to monetization stack.

    The components of our own ENGT loop are almost ready. InDiscussion units fed by CommentsRadar are in the final stages of the beta — testing the sharing capability now. landing pages are making good progress and also expected to be available end of November. We should commence the tests of our stack in December 2018.

  • 3) By the end of November, we will add ENGT support to CommentsRadar product: ENGT based purchases of radar subscription will come at a much better price point than regular subscriptions, hopefully, stimulating ENGT demand.
  • 4) We are also actively looking for strategic partners that can integrate ENGT into their business flow as a reward for an interaction. There are a number of ongoing conversations and we hope to actualize something soon.

    We are continuing executing our vision for ENGT — combining technology and
    crypto markets to set a new standard for rewarding online interaction.

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