Monthly Report on ENGT for September of 2018

Monthly Report on ENGT for September of 2018

Monthly Report on ENGT for September of 2018 (by EGT International, Cayman Exempt Co.)

Hello and welcome to our first monthly report. We will give a brief outline of significant events that transpired in the Engagement Token world in the past month.

  • New partnerships and old partnerships

    We have finished the integration and started a new pilot with (a major US base online magazine). Our Promoted Headline unites are now featured on their main property.

    We will continue to onboard top name publishers to further test out our Promoted Headlines model. So far we are seeing low levels of onboarding by organic advertisers, but are looking for ways to improve this.

    Our Promoted Headline pilot in Hearst Newspapers has come to an end. The learnings will help us find a winning algorithm for this unit. The results have been mixed.
    Performance of the unit was below expected and organic publisher adoption was low. We will need to rethink the way that we approach both the value proposition and the product.

    MAUI mockups and screens and product report

    Our 2nd generation commenting platform MAUI is released and will be seeing service with publishers shortly. The main advantages are:

    • Much increased performance
    • Real-time commenting
    • Intuitive material design
    • Lightweight loads
    • Ease of integration for Publishers

    Why is MAUI important?

    Our strategy to date was: let’s focus on the big guys — the top websites on the Internet. While this approach is sound there is a lot of competition in the space. And some of the big publishers do not see the value in enfranchising their user base with Engagement Tokens. The impact is too small for them to notice in the short term. With MAUI we have a slicker self-service platform that will allow us to go for an automated onboarding of smaller long-tail publishers. For them getting users sharing their content and participating is more important, each click and interaction count.

    We will try to grow our network by going after long tail publishers in the next quarter using MAUI as an anchoring platform.

  • inDiscussion and SuperShare button units

    We are working on another way to generate publisher foot print. We will try to accomplish this via the new set of units — inDiscussion banners. These banners will
    utilize our CommentsRadar technology to present discussion around the news to the website users. They will feature an “informative” section with the most relevant discussions about the topic of the article and an advertising banner section that will monetize the unit. These units will also allow users to SuperShare the ad to earn ENGTs for every click on the share.

    Super Share Unit Ideation

    Why is SuperShare unit important?

    One of the reasons there are difficulties in jumpstarting ENGT economy is that online publishers are asked for a heavy commitment in order to try out the benefits of Engaging users deeper. With SuperShare unit we are looking to add just a small button to the site with one line of JavaScript code. The SuperShare unit will not cannibalize existing ad units for the publisher and the only result in the net positive — generated social traffic. EGT International will get a fraction of revenue from the generated traffic and purchase ENGTs on the market to compensate the users who earned ENGTs by sharing the content.

    Once a publisher is comfortable introducing ENGTs to the user base through SuperShare. We can move on to the MAUI or InDiscussion units to farther enmesh them in the user engagement concept.

  • Business model refresh

    Per repeated requests in our TG chat, we want to update the token holders on ENGT business model.

    Our goal is to make ENGTs de facto standard for rewarding and scoring user engagement with online content. Anytime user shares a link to the content or leave a comment, feedback or a reaction we want ENGT to be exchanged. This is a long road. But from the example of BAT and STEEM tokens, we see that this is possible.

    ENGT International is utilizing SolidOpinion technology to channel user interaction with online content into ENGTs and then create demand for ENGTs with advertising community. Crypto markets work as a regulator gauge setting prices for the value of the Engagement.

    When a user action generates advertising income and earns and ENGT the EGT International will purchase ENGT from the crypto market and award the ENGT token to the user. If an advertiser purchases ENGT from EGT International portals the company will buy the equivalent amount from the crypto market. The advertiser or the user can then spend the ENGTs on the Publisher. A publisher will then sell the ENGTs on the crypto market closing the loop.

    Our goal is to grow this loop by increasing adoption and usage of ENGTs by all parties.

    As you can see from our report we are pursuing a variety of strategies to go after wide market adoption.

  • Progress on property

    Our design phase is done. We are starting development and will release in December. The ideation looks good. The format just might be the new destination site on the scale of Reddit!

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