SolidOpinion Featured as Influencer at Blockchain Summit

SolidOpinion Featured as Influencer at Blockchain Summit

12/5/17 New York, NY

SolidOpinion’s CEO, Constantine Goltsev, was featured as a speaker at last week’s New York Blockchain Summit which brought together cross-industry blockchain experts to examine the future of the technology. Constantine was invited to talk about the broad-ranging possibilities of blockchain beyond the banking sector at the summit where Industry leaders came together to identify challenges and trends within the context of blockchain’s future.

Constantine spoke about the way in which SolidOpinion plans to employ blockchain technology to make the marketplace of online advertising transparent and accountable. Engagement Foundation will soon launch Engagement Token, a proprietary cryptocurrency that will be used for all transactions on the platform.

“Our widget tracks every single interaction of a user with a website and of the website with the user. The system scores and measures, every single comment left online in the English speaking web universe, ultimately creating a distinct DNA profile for every commenter in the world. This valuable information will be stored on the blockchain,” he explained, “all of which makes online advertising quantifiable and transparent, for the first time in its history.”

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