Transition of moderation

Transition of moderation

Here at ENGT we value your participation both with our Token sale and as a member of this great community. That said, as most have you have come to know and recognize, since the beginning of our project we have worked closely with a community engagement and marketing firm, easily recognized within our channel. The HappyMod team has been instrumental in the care and fostering of our community in providing a high level of support and assistance during our sale, up to writing this message.

The Engagement Token Team has been working hard since concluding our sale and working towards building the future of our great product. A result from these intense discussions was to transition our community management from an outsourced provider to an internal team. We are at a point, where the subject matter experts and future building of our community base must be conducted from within the ENGT team. We are proud to announce we have established a community management team, with our moderators able to provide the same coverage of service you have all come to trust.

During this transition, the HappyMod team will be working closely with our team to transition the care of the community. We thank the HappyMod Team for a job well done, and for the continued support, and the business relationship we have formed.

We look forward to introducing the ENGT community moderators this week.

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