Unlocking the Internet of Value

Unlocking the Internet of Value

11/30/17 Santa Clara, CA

SolidOpinion’s founders, Antonio and Constantine attended and spoke at the November 29-30 Blockchain Expo in Santa Clara, California. The world’s largest Blockchain conference & exhibition, Blockchain Expo brings together over six thousand dedicated delegates across key industries for two days of world-class content from leading brands embracing and developing cutting edge blockchain technologies. Blockchain Expo showcases the latest developments in blockchain, in both emerging and more established markets.

Antonio spoke about the global nature of the revolution ushered in by blockchain technology. “There are many amazing ideas in the ICO sphere, all which require development, adoption, and real utility,” said Antonio, “in that sense, the old guard’s sector leaders owe it to themselves and to us to guide these startups in changing the world.” Other panelists echoed this idea. “Many such examples of innovation are happening across the world (a more market-oriented power system, for example) and there is a need for bringing them all together, for standardization, communication, and cooperation.”

Constantine spoke about the way in which SolidOpinion plans to employ blockchain technology to make the marketplace of online advertising transparent and accountable. Engagement Foundation will soon launch Engagement Token, a proprietary cryptocurrency that will be used for all transactions on the platform.

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