VC advice for ICOs and Startups

VC advice for ICOs and Startups

12/5/17 Bogota, Colombia

On December 3-5 the fifth edition of the Latin American Bitcoin and Blockchain Conference Bogota, CO.

Its topics included Bitcoin & Blockchain for Beginners, Reinventing VC with ICOS and DAOs, Alternative Blockchains, and many more. The conference was organized as a series of well-prepared panel presentations and discussions onstage in front of a large audience. It had an easy collegial and, at the same time, highly informative atmosphere. Our own founder Antonio Ruiz Gimenez was a distinguished speaker.

As a member of a five-person panel, which included other venture capitalists from all over the world, spoke of his experience as co-founder and Managing Partner at ATW Partners a Venture Capital/Private Equity investment firm with multiple investment vehicles. He explained that his firm has been converting some of its portfolios into blockchain based companies, and talked about the difference between Venture Capital investment and the ICO, and why his firm has decided to venture into the world of crypto assets. Other panelists echoed the sentiment that potential investors must be aware of whether the token they are considering has an actual utility value or not. And whether the ICO they are thinking of investing in is being used to generate funds for an idea or for an existing usable product.

Antonio has investment experience in multiple sectors and over the past 10 years he has co-founded and managed several successful companies in various economic sectors. He has also been an angel investor in multiple start-up companies in diverse industries. He has been featured in 20 under 40 Young Philanthropist New York Observer, the Top NY based energy companies with P3 Global Management as well as Latin Trendsetter in Business in 2012.

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